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Thats Got To Hurt 12

10,265 views 09/04/23 Fail

Thats Got To Hurt 10

93,523 views 02/26/21 Fail

Thats Got To Hurt 9

91,938 views 02/02/21

Hurt Her Brownie

120,513 views 06/26/20

The Punching Bag

I think her first mistake was swiping right inside a Walmart. That kind of risk taking can only translate into one thing: "your 17 inches of combo wieners doesn't phase me, please man up and turn my kidneys into a box of Idaho spud's classic mashed potatoes". Invitation accepted.

2,984,360 views 06/01/20 Amateur


The average Becky wouldn't be caught in a Burger King drivethru at night without marathoning 20 minutes of YouTube makeup tutorials. And then there's this powerhouse: Who ran out of fucks to give somewhere between the 3rd and 4th lung surgery.

2,717,328 views 05/07/20 Amateur Throats LULZ

That's Got To Hurt 9

159,387 views 03/16/20

That's Got To Hurt 8

143,747 views 02/28/20

That's Got To Hurt 7

175,673 views 09/13/19

That's Got To Hurt 6

214,016 views 07/09/19

That's Got To Hurt 5

201,553 views 06/07/19

18 Year Old Suffers O-Ring Blowout

Don't worry, in a few days she'll be sitting and shitting normally. Just gotta put some icy-hot on her hurt butt and eat a lot of fiber. No worries.

5,504,775 views 08/28/16 Painal

Thats Got To Hurt 4

Full Scene Here

129,255 views 02/02/16

Thats Got To Hurt 3

304,689 views 10/15/15

Thats Got To Hurt 2

106,618 views 08/05/15

Thats Got To Hurt 11

Full Scene Here

115,125 views 07/06/15

Thats Got To Hurt

Full Scene Here

97,620 views 12/17/14

Bad Boyfriends 1

Today we watch asshole boyfriends utilizing their "volunteers" as physical, emotional and sexual punching bags. Prepare yourselves hopelessly single nice-guys: hilarious butt hurt awaits.

5,098,490 views 12/09/14 Bad Boyfriends
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