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I'm not talking about "my ex-girlfriend used to get drunk and fill her butthole with orbeez" kind of crazy. These videos are here to showcase the kind of psychosis that makes celibacy a viable option for a man in his 20's.

Porno Zombie Rape Apocalypse

Dead men rise from grave to start fuck by any means. Can YOU stop zombie? Watch whole porn movie clip before decide. WARNING FOR CHILDREN: gunshots and cumshots with Zomb13. Watch @ own sufferings.

2,188,397 views 05/23/20 Horror Porn Crazy

So Bad He Had to Quit

Symptom #293 you need to put an end to the all-turnip and MDMA diet: You develop the sex drive of a cinder block followed by the kind of speech impediment that could end a marriage in Alabama. But rather than seek Dr. Phil's help, you do this instead.

2,691,297 views 07/04/19 Crazy

Destiny Deville is Clinically Insane

Looks like someone crossbred Rosario Dawson with a howler monkey and gave it rabies. But this isn't for the lulz... more about awareness. You honestly don't even need video for this. The soundtrack alone is enough to keep my Bugle Boy cut-offs on the rinse cycle.

1,956,792 views 12/02/18 Crazy

Making Fun of Cutters! [LOL TRIGGERS]

Why don't you post more vidz? Well kids, unlike these girls, efukt videos don't cut themselves and this hilarious piece of troll cinema could be the greatest Self Harm PSA of all time. #swag

2,797,443 views 07/19/16 Facial Abuse Crazy

Dad! I Don't Want To Fuck You!

Those crazy porn directors have made a full movie featuring the entire systematic sexual conditioning of ones daughter into a fuck buddy. All in magnificent POV. Disturbing? Sure. But is it fappable?

17,799,445 views 10/28/15 Favorites
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