Seriously, WTF are you doing?

Why does he sniff his friend's ass? Why does the friend allow it? Did he not learn from the past?? I dont know, but I can promise any threesome-in-a-pool fantasies you picked up from 'Wild Things' dies here and dies now.

  32,866  |    Anonymous  |    LULZ

Thot Butthole Rekt by Prized Mandingo

She's got the body type of a holocaust victim and she came to the glamorous dog fart productions to film her first interracial anal scene. Srsly tho, "dog fart" has to be the fucking worst studio name in porno history. FULL SCENE.

  2,288,798  |    6.8.15  |    TG  |    Painal

How To Fail in Porn [x2+]

A hilarious short story about the prettiest ogre girl from the little village of Mordor... She was looking for her big break but instead she was left with only $250, a butt load of pain and a mouth full of grossness... Me gusta? [sauce]

  4,179,045  |    5.10.15  |    TG  |    Painal

Won't Ever Do Anal Again

Porn newbie lays down a pretty killer debut and she even goes for anal in her very first scene ever. I think it's safe to say she'll never do butt sex again after this... LOL. More butt-fuckery HERE.

  3,237,173  |    6.9.14  |    Duran  |    Painal

The Anal Full Nelson

When an Azn teenager is reluctant to finish getting ass fucked, it's this guy's cue to utilize a pro-wrestling style submission maneuver and ride it home. Featuring acting so good Kirk Cameron would shed a single tear. MORE.

  3,935,305  |    1.23.14  |    TG  |    Painal

A Different Kind of Painal

Jackass-inspired stunt involving a weapons-grade slingshot and some cactus goes horribly right when the target, (a gypsy woman's anus), is met with a direct hit. And now I'm met with a direct boner. Circle of life. FULL VIDEO HERE.

  3,472,863  |    5.29.13  |    TG  |    Painal

How To Harass An 18 Y/O Into Doing Anal

I've heard a lot of desperate men say a lot of desperate shit just to keep their cocks submerged in teen sphincter.. but to essentially give a girl the greenlight to defecate on your penis just to avoid a 3 min. potty break? That's a level of dedication I hope to never know. FULL VIDEO HERE!.

  4,351,568  |    5.6.13  |    TG  |    Painal

Prostitute Lasts Only 28 Seconds

Technically she lasted closer to 10, but this guy isn't very fluent in "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO", so that mahogany-stained browneye got pounded for a few more Missippi's than desired. Emphasis on mahogany-stained . lol. FULL VIDEO HERE.

  3,991,670  |    4.6.13  |    TG  |    Painal

Passion of the Painal

Whore #3 is quite adorable. She may not speak a lick of English, but her facial expressions certainly have a story to tell.. namely "ouch, that hurts", "please hurry up" and "why in the fuck did I quit my job at Hotdog On A Stick for this shit". Live and learn baby. SOURCES: 1. 2, 3, 4, 5.

  6,553,735  |    9.7.12  |    Captain X  |    Painal

You Want To Quit... FOR REALZ

B-hole brutally wrecked at the hands of some Italians, likely won't be able to walk straight for a week. No, this isn't my review for the new Parmesan Crusted Steak @ Olive Garden. This is the infamous Rocco vs. Roxy Jezel scene, and you should watch the uncut version HERE.

  4,038,396  |    5.7.12  |    Anonymous  |    Painal

No Lube FTW

Crack addicts, painal, premature ejaculation... this video is more well rounded than the Denny's Grand Slam that I didn't pay for this morning. Unfortunately there's no kicker, but what it lacks in surprise endings... it makes up for in orgasmic zombie moans.

  3,997,083  |    3.28.12  |    TG  |    Painal

PAINAL: I Wont Give Up!

It's all fun n' games till you got a 14 inch dong knocking on the pearly gates of your anus. The pain hits her like a bag of Saved By The Bell VHS tapes, but this trooper refuses to quit. Some might call it desperation for a quick $450. I prefer the term 'integrity'. Full video HERE.

  4,643,632  |    12.19.11  |    Anonymous  |    Painal

YIKES! Wigger Has Crazy Breakdown!

Poor chick. Freshly brainwashed by a 24 hour marathon of Pimp My Ride, she actually thought getting anally gangbanged by Jamal, Jamal, Jamal and Donatello would be fun. Thanks be to hemorrhoids, the reality check comes with the quickness. Download the full video HERE.

  2,676,315  |    12.5.11  |    Anonymous  |    Painal

Tranny Wrecks Some Ass

Painal is painal. I dont discriminate. Plus, I've waited 2 years to put that sound clip to use. The only thing lacking is some prolapse and "Ebony & Ivory" by Paul McCartney.

  3,076,976  |    9.15.11  |    Marius  |    Painal

Convicted Killer Hates Anal

Two years hard time for bashing some girls head in with a sledgehammer? No problem. Thirty seconds of anal sex? No fucking way. Ladies and gentlemen - I present you the enigma of Mexican-American whores. Download the full video HERE.

  2,579,748  |    4.20.11  |    Anonymous  |    Painal

Speech Disorders & Anal Sex Dont Mix

This white trash tart has a speech impediment that's left her sounding like Stan's cunt of a sister from South Park. But that's okay. The bulk of her dialogue has been limited to "ouch" and "that hurtz muddafucka". I wouldn't have it any other way. Download the full video HERE.

  2,010,779  |    4.3.11  |    Anonymous  |    Painal

But I Dont Do Anal

This skank accepted a check her cornhole cant cash. The producers offered her a $200 bonus in exchange for a little butt fuckery. Blinded by the riches, she foolishly agreed and now I present you with the end result. Full 43 minute video available HERE, in high fuckin def mind you.

  4,396,203  |    12.27.10  |    Anonymous  |    Painal

Sneak Attack

Slick Rick goes in for an anal ambush after getting bored of his girlfriend's tuna pot pie. Naturally she leaps away in shock - a reflex this cocksmith had already anticipated. With the full use of his body weight, he sandwiches her into the mattress and sinks his dipstick deeper into her tunnel of stank. She's not too happy but a lil' smooth talk saves the day.

  3,424,703  |    6.29.10  |    Anonymous  |    Painal

Cornhole Destruction

She screams "ow!" 87 times in the span of 3 minutes. The quality may be crap but you really cant complain with numbers like that.

  2,135,728  |    2.22.10  |    wetspot  |    Painal

Yo No Quiero Butt Fuck

I posted this awhile back but the clip was ruined by god awful Mexican music. Luckily an alternative version has now surfaced. Less Ricky Martin. More cries of pain.

  1,755,388  |    10.20.09  |    Anonymous  |    Painal

Healthy Alternatives To Anal Sex

She rather suck off a fuckin golden retriever than take it up the butt. No joke. They even have an in depth conversation about dog cock just prior to the cumshot finale. Nothing like a little steamy dialogue to keep your noodle hard, right? More fucked up'ness available @ MEATHOLES.

  3,154,178  |    9.23.09  |    Anonymous  |    Painal