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Bad Boyfriends


r/niceguys most hated video series of all time

Bad Boyfriends 4

Dude at the 2:00 mark must have went as Apocolypto for Halloween in 2006 and forgot to take the costume off, and I have no doubt our Scottish socialite's rectal contractions look like they just graduated a course in sign language. Go ahead and tell me nice guys actually do win again?

1,933,531 views 11/10/22 Bad Boyfriends

Bad Boyfriends 3

The upside to being treated like the exhaust pipe of a Chevrolet El Dorado? Literally nothing. All you have to do is breath and the alpha male fantasy fan fiction will magnetize to you like a herpes outbreak at a Playboi Carti concert.

2,478,979 views 03/21/22 Bad Boyfriends

Bad Boyfriends 2

Much like the original Evil Dead trilogy, this goes from semi-romantic to LOL IT'S TIME TO STOP pretty damn quick. A taint-punching compilation that can only be truly appreciated by vaping-enthusiasts and those that refuse to listen to Limp Bizkit unless it's on vinyl. [Part 1]

4,234,373 views 11/08/17 Bad Boyfriends

Bad Boyfriends 1

Today we watch asshole boyfriends utilizing their "volunteers" as physical, emotional and sexual punching bags. Prepare yourselves hopelessly single nice-guys: hilarious butt hurt awaits.

5,041,804 views 12/09/14 Bad Boyfriends
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