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You Want To Quit... FOR REALZ

B-hole brutally wrecked at the hands of some Italians, likely won't be able to walk straight for a week. No, this isn't my review for the new Parmesan Crusted Steak @ Olive Garden. This is the infamous Rocco vs. Roxy Jezel scene, and you should watch the uncut version via the source link.

5,806,074 views 05/07/12 Painal

Breaking Points

For some of us, it's authoritarian governments. Others, the refusal to make the McRib a permanent menu item. And there's these 5 sacrificial lambs. Who almost made it to the finish line with guys who consider Brazilian jiu-jitsu a sexual fetish.

4,131,172 views 06/11/13 Breakdowns

Extreme Close Up

226,256 views 08/08/16 Fail

Taking Out The Trash

213,140 views 08/16/16 LULZ

Advanced Sex Moves 2021

I'm all for testing boundaries, but caution should be advised if you want to attempt any of these yourself. Tip: When testing those Special Team plays you saw online, it's best to practice first. PROOF: The $4500 bill I have for buying this.

1,304,043 views 07/19/21 LULZ
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