Shit Pornstars Say 6


Kristina Bella becomes self-aware. Leya Falcon gives back to her community. Audrey Hempburn is currently on the run from Twitter And Veronica Leal... well, let's just say Ze Machine knows how to keep the romance going. You'll see.

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Proof that Money Can Buy ANYTHING

There's just no hiding from your past once you pull the trigger on something like this. Their Ross Store wardrobes will be forever stained. The regret can't be washed off. And the $27 paycheck isn't enough to drink the memories away. #crankthattherapist

2,383,428 views 08/26/21 Amateur CFNM Big Dicks

Shit Pornstars Say 5

Brittanya Razavi channels her inner Gordon Ramsay. Kagney Linn Carter puts herself on a list. Pierre Woodman blurs the language barrier for the 900th time this year. And Amai Liu... Well... let's just say we finally have a real threat for Jake Paul. #bookit

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"Death to America"

This is siham. And what once was thought to be a single piss-poor decision has blossomed into a pattern of serious mental dysfunction. Her gimmick is basically r/politics except she actually makes money while posting. #GAG

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45,256 views 11/21/23

Reconfiguring a Teenage Stripper

Self-proclaimed "flat chested stripper" willingly signs onboard for a company named facial abuse (pretty self-explanatory) and almost calls it quits before the first bulldozing is minted. Incredibly, she powers through and runs to the finish line... well, crawls.

3,725,524 views 03/16/17 Facial Abuse LULZ

Shit T-Girls Say

If attempting to monetize your most private confessions is any sign of a recession, I'd say we're at the tip of an iceberg that would make the dotcom bubble look like like an afterthought. I'll be expecting a lot more of this until Jim Cramer capitulates.

1,042,366 views 06/06/22 PureTS Shit Pornstars Say

Shit Pornstars Say 4

I imagine this is what happens when all of your knowledge of the English language comes from Pizza Hut commercials and TikTok. In fact, I may have just uncovered a form of communication so useless that California colleges might start offering 4-year degrees in it.

1,745,495 views 10/13/20 Shit Pornstars Say

Don't Care, Had Sex

There's just no going back after making a video like this. She'll be forever known as the degenerate that got famous for rawdogging a South Park character. She's essentially a walking, talking Twitter activist for borderless sexuality... and yet stays in semi-boner material territory. An enigma, if you will.

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Opening Forbidden Doors

Amber Rayne climbs to the top of America's Most Wanted. Alanah Rae is in desperate need for Dr. Phillip. And the girl at the end has no officially listed name, and that's the bottom line because Stone Cold Steve Autism said so.

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Fast, Furious and Fucked Up

Nothing says reinventing a franchise quite like admitting to the world that you have a fetish even the truckers of America aren't paying for in Walmart parking lots. Now give this so many views, The Rock won't be able to turn down being in the sequel.

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Flipper Boy

He may be mentally challenged and physically deformed to the point of handicap, but he's had a threesome and I haven't. A true inspiration to all and possibly the anti-hero our generation needs.

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The Trainwreck of all Trainwrecks

Lookout world. This woman has cousins. She also has an aunt that's employed at Circus Circus. Keep these 2 pivotal details in mind, for it's the closest to a clue you're gonna get as to what the fuck is wrong with this psychotic cum dumpster.

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