The Trolling Of Wannabe Pornstars 5


Every ratchet skank that waddles off the New Jersey greyhound with hopes of porn stardom is sent to meet the grand wizard of trash talk. Many leave with their dreams, orifices and self-esteem shattered. All vids in full HERE.

Uploaded 03/02/14 LULZ

crazy, funny, rough, shit talk, troll

Ashley Starr
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The Trolling Of Wannabe Pornstars 3

Whores from all walks of life trek to New Jersey for some quick cash and a blistering reality check. This guy does to self-confidence as Panda Express Shanghai Beef does to my asshole: obliteration. Meet the mastermind behind it all HERE.

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The Trolling Of Wannabe Pornstars 4

He's the Simon Cowell of pornography and the slut shaming master of trash talk is back with another saga unleashing more of his verbal jihad against a new slew of aspiring cum dumpsters.

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Probably Legal in Oklahoma

I could be in the minority here, but Barnum & Bailey should be kept as far away as possible from any and all sexual situations. If I wanted to be repeatedly violated by a clown, I'd pay for a day trading discord. Pretty amazing body tho. [-RELEVANT-]

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Nothing says "the pandemic is over" quite like the uptick in girls increasing their social skank rank by taking their 1-man-band act on the road. Nearly 13 displays of attention-whoring so unprecedented, you'll schedule an STD test just for watching it.

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The Trolling Of Wannabe Pornstars 7

A whole new gang of ho's have greyhounded their way to New Jersey to get their pornstar dreams tested and destroyed by the most savage camera man in porno history.

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Here's some wisdom I picked up while watching an infomercial for Tony Little's Gazelle Sprintmaster - always maintain good form. Sloppy form is how people get Christopher Reeve'ed. Don't think the same is applicable to sucking dick? Neither did she.

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Sexually Traumatising a Teenage Stripper

Self-proclaimed "flat chested stripper" willingly signs onboard for a company named facial abuse (pretty self-explanatory) and almost calls it quits before the first bulldozing is minted. Incredibly, she powers through and runs to the finish line... well, crawls.

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The grand wizard of slut shaming is back and these dumb thots still haven't learned! Every week a new trainwreck makes the pilgrimage to whore mecca chasing quick money and pornstar dreams, only to leave with their whorifices and self-esteem totally destroyed.

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The Worst of OnlyFanz

onlyfanz: Some sign up to get a girl through hard times. Others are forced after capitulating an attempt to pay prostitutes in Wendy's coupons. They all start off good, but much like me during Terminator Dark Fate, it only takes 27 seconds to realize you just wasted your money.

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The Cam Whore Awards [2018 Edition]

It's that special time where we honor the internet's most stand out virtual hookers. These clips highlight the dangers, struggles and accomplishments of a profession that's sure to be a future premise of a black mirror episode.

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How To Have Cyber Sex!

Many, many years ago, in the days of old known as 1997, an instructional VHS was forged. Watch and learn how to master the art of one handed typing with post-aspergers Winnie Cooper from the "Wonder Years".

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