Roommate WIN

Ridiculous dUdEbRO of the day: Makes a TINDER companion chow down on his rusty ammo pouch, all whilst inviting his roommate to be player #3 in their backdoor free-for-all. Lucky for him the result was more Action Jackson, and less Michael Jackson. Too soon?

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The Return of the Giggliest Girl in Porn

She started with some nude modeling, went straight into 10+ guy glory hole sessions and then promptly disa-fuckin-peared. What ever happened to our beloved Claire? Original video HERE and more Claire HERE and HERE.

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The Giggliest Girl in Porn Returns

What weighs 95 pounds, likes the look of cock, and gets messy at the Arizona glory hole? Yeah, that chick. Personally she annoys me to death, but some of you fukr's can't get enough. Full Scene HERE.

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Small Cocks @ The Gloryhole

Two best friends, both packing about as much meat as Earthworm Jim, head to the local glory hole for a good time. Penile deficient guy #1 gets laughed out the booth, while the 2nd is given a standing chance but ultimately lacks the inches neccessary for a practical performance. haha.

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Make Sure My Pussy Works

She hits up the doctor cause she's having difficulty getting pregnant. I'm no gynecologist but if shaved that bush her husband would probably have an easier time finding the right hole.

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Pissed Off Crackwhore

She's coked out and on the rag. If that isn't an invitation for AIDS I don't know what is. Luckily this skank got kicked off the set before anyone had a chance to stick their dick in festering pussy hole. The full 12 minute version can be seen in the Incredible Pass members area.

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Hooker Refuses To Get Off Her Phone

Easy solution: grab the phone & shove it up her twat. With that hole being occupied, you'll have no choice but to relocate your penis to the nearest available orifice - her anus. I call this "How To Get Anal From A Prostitute Without Paying Extra, by".

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Sorry Wrong Hole!

I was startled when I discovered that this wasn't yet on eFukt. It's one of the greatest porn bloopers of all time and has been making rounds on the internet for the past 5 years. Eh, better late than never. Source: BANGBROS.

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Oops Wrong Hole

Pee Wee needs to bring a flashlight next time so that he can better navigate the path to her vagina.

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Stinky Cock Makes Her Puke

This is fucking hilarious! His cock smells and tastes so bad that it causes this pregnant slut to puke! I'm sure her twat tastes no better! Full video available @ Glory Hole Girlz.

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Huge Water Bottle Insertion

Oh man. This is one of the biggest cunt insertions I've ever seen. How could anyone fuck that hole?

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