Roommate WIN

Ridiculous dUdEbRO of the day: Makes a TINDER companion chow down on his rusty ammo pouch, all whilst inviting his roommate to be player #3 in their backdoor free-for-all. Lucky for him the result was more Action Jackson, and less Michael Jackson. Too soon?

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Mishka here just signed the liability waiver to star in her very own movie! So grab a bottle of vodka and put down a preemptive puke bucket beside couch because it's time for some classic Russian pornography! YAY! [FULL SCENE] [SONG]

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Too Drunk To Orgy

Meet the overly intoxicated attention whore at the party. She's a 6/10, blowing .08 now and anyone willing later. She left right after this, I hope she didn't drive. Might of left with some guy...whatever. Better her ass getting rear ended than my Honda. DOWNLOAD HERE.

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Drugs Make Girls Obnoxious

She's drunk, high and/or possibly retarded... all of which adequately explain why she's fucking a dude that has less hair than Mr. Magoo and singing along to shitty techo beats. The real question is... who's dick did she have to suck for that badassical Santa Clause skirt? I dig it.

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Fucking Hipsters

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The Hilarious Misadventures Of Drunk Girl

I tried my best to caption this but half the shit that comes out of her mouth makes no sense and after the 2 minutes of her rambling on about Totoya automobiles I got kinda tired. P.S. nice titties.

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Too Drunk To Masturbate

Normally drinking on the job gets you fired. But when you're an adult performer, it gets you a pay raise and a few extra cocks in your ass after you pass out. Make mommy proud.

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Drunk Chick Passes Out

This drunk chick takes a timeout from fucking so that she can go to the bathroom, but she doesn't make it very far. After about 3 steps she collapses and passes out on the floor. Source Real Drunken Girls.

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Drunken Sex Gone Wrong

I guess alcohol isn't always a ticket to getting laid. Sometimes it's just a ticket to getting vomit all over your cock. Personally, I'll take what I can get. Click HERE for more crazy drunk porn!

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Anal Attempt On Drunken Wife

He tries to butt fuck a passed out girl but she wakes up. So he just gives her a facial instead.

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Passed Out Facial

Believe it or not he's actually doing her a huge favor. Semen is great for the skin. So the next time you slip your wife a mickey and jizz all over her face, remind her to thank you in the morning.

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