Lets His GF Blow His Friend

Apparently, the boyfriend draws the line on kissing. You can put your cock and cum all up in his girlfriends mouth but don't kiss her. Bros don't do that to each other man... but make sure you cum in her mouth bro! "That's important"

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She Hates Deep Penetration

I got a bazillion emails requesting the full version of this... so here it is. It's pretty straight forward. The average vagina has a depth of 5 to 6 inches. These limitations are fairly understandable, but Urkel here likes to push it. Real men let no centimeter go to waste.

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Mom Caught Masturbating

Despite getting caught red handed this milf keeps masterbating! Turn your volume up for this one.

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Stripped Naked On TV

Anyone know the background story on this? email me: [email protected]

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Buried & Throat Fucked

Seriously, they could've taken this soooo much further. I'm surprised they didn't shit on her face.

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First Time Brazillian Anal

He barely gets it in her and she already wants to quit. Her asshole isn't looking too good after that!

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Cop Groped By Naked Chick

If there was no one filming, that cop would've whipped out his cock and fucked her right there.

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Queen Of Loose Vagina

Sounds like he's fuckin a jar of mayonnaise. More loose pussy: PART 1, PART 2, PART 3, PART 4

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Diseased Pussy

Not even a cluster of genital warts can keep this pussy hungry dyke from eating out her friend!

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He Has A Prety Cool GF

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Spasmodic Orgasmus

I like to believe this has less to do with his cock and more to do with her vagina. Some girls are just extremely sensitive down there, and I think that even a 3 inch pecker such as my own could produce the same results. Don't pity me for having hope.

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Go Fuck Yourself

This hermaphrodite can literally fuck itself. It has a dick above it's pussy & a pair of inverted balls!

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Goth Orgy 2

A bunch of goths gather for the ultimate amateur orgy. Click HERE to see some more of this clip.

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