The noise in question can be heard @ 1:50, 2:15 and finally when Blanco Loco activates hyperspeed @ 4:35. Most creatures with this mating call would be featured on Animal Planet. Not her though. She's got standards.

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I Love Meaty

Same scenario as Sneak Attack. Just another black dude relying on his 4865 inch penis to assert himself - much at the expense of some poor chick's uterus. First I masturbate. Then I criticize. woot woot.

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Too Much Info

Sasha Yung. Supposedly she's an economics major but after watching this video, I'm betting all three testicles she didn't make it past 3rd grade. This is pretty bad. Full video available HERE.

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Jabba The Slut

It's too bad they didnt take this a step further and use their crafty CGI to turn her twat into a slab of roast beef the size of a Mini Cooper. Then I couldve actually beat off.

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Long Lips

Beefy vaginas are a welcomed delight here on eFukt, but this particular post isn't about the meat curtains. It's about dimensions. Thats right. This bitch's twat measures longer than my own cock and while that might not be saying much, I'm confident you'll be impressed. See more HERE.

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The Safe Word

This is a clip from Graphic Sexual Horror - a documentary about the infamous BDSM site It has some really interesting discussion on the abuse of women in porn and the consequences of tappin out. Almost kinda makes you feel guilty for beating off to it. Almost.

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Umm... Where's The Condom

This dude is smooth. Real smooth. His technique? Purchasing oversized condoms (Magnums baby) and intentionally letting em slip off during intercourse. As soon as she notices he deploys a familiar line: "your pussy's just too tight". Uh huh. See more of this specific video along with other hilarious bloopers HERE!

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Feminist Attacks Cocky Stripper

Dude shoves his junk in the wrong chicks face. First she smacks his cock like a cheap pinata, then follows up with an ashtray to the face. Quite a feisty bitch. I think somebody put their tampon up the wrong hole. lol. More striipper porn HERE.

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Exhibitionist Fail

You see all these videos of dudes intentionally getting caught beating off by maids. Jolly good fun. Then you have this sad motherfucker... dressed up ilike Little Bo Peep and chowing down on a 15 inch rubber cock. Way to kill the trend. Thanks guy.

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Hammer Head

The novelty of having a 10 inch cock sure does fade quick when the head of your penis looks like a Platypus LOL. Rotate your dick 90 degrees and run it over with your Monte Carlo. You'll be aight. Video from ANAL IN THE AMAZON.

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Even Women Premature Ejaculate

Lily Thai is ready to gush after just one pump but the cameraman doesn't want his set getting drenched with tuna puree, so she's forced to hold it in till a towel can be found. Funny shit but the real star is the token white guy to her right. PRICELESS facial expression. Video source HERE.

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Your Pussy Is Too Tight

Dude lasts as long in bed as DMX's acting career. Then tries to blame it on this Hispanic pornstar's supposedly tight pussy. 'Hispanic pornstar' and 'tight pussy'. Two words that really dont belong in the same sentence... but I digress. Full video available HERE!

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Pervert Ridiculed By Crowd!

Sleazy New Yorker gets bitched out by Lance Armstrong Jr. for zooming in on the crotch of some leg-spreading attention whore. A verbal battle of douchebaggery ensues. Some seriously amazing dialogue in this one folks. Plus a hot bitch that keeps picking at her twat wedgie. More videos by the same guy available HERE.

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