Ling Ling the Cam Whore Scares Pizza Guy


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Grandma, I Just Got DP'ed!

Congratulations. You just got simutaneously bulldozed up the ass and in the twat for a 1 time payment of $350. What will you ever do? A.) 3 day stay at Disneyland. B.) shopping spree at ROSS, dress for less or C.) scar your grandmother for life. This ones easy. Full video HERE.

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Convicted Killer Hates Anal

Two years hard time for bashing some girls head in with a sledgehammer? No problem. Thirty seconds of anal sex? No fucking way. Ladies and gentlemen - I present you the enigma of Mexican-American whores. Download the full video HERE.

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Porn Noob Pwns Himself

Big fat curved penis sends a fresh wad of home cooked Twinky filling right back into the face of it's creator. It's not a problem I expect to incur any time soon but I do retain faith in the bottle of Extenze my sister so kindly purchased me last xmas. Similar videos HERE & HERE.

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Attack Of The 2 Incher

Dudes hung like a newborn chinchilla. Most folks with such handicaps shy away from the limelight and become reclusive. Not this turkey. He loves to socialize... he's just not very good at first impressions!

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Like eFukt? Got tits? You know what to do. Email em here: [email protected].

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Squirt Fail 2

Shaft and Gilligan combine forces for the greater good - to quite literally fuck the pudding pop out of a $7.25 Tijuana hooker. And this my friends is why cheap motels always use floral bedding - it's essentially camouflage for shit stains.

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Speech Disorders & Anal Sex Dont Mix

This white trash tart has a speech impediment that's left her sounding like Stan's cunt of a sister from South Park. But that's okay. The bulk of her dialogue has been limited to "ouch" and "that hurtz muddafucka". I wouldn't have it any other way. Download the full video HERE.

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Drugs Make Girls Obnoxious

She's drunk, high and/or possibly retarded... all of which adequately explain why she's fucking a dude that has less hair than Mr. Magoo and singing along to shitty techo beats. The real question is... who's dick did she have to suck for that badassical Santa Clause skirt? I dig it.

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Squirt Fail

A little KY Jelly, Egyptian cotton sheets, continuous stimulation of the G-Spot... what could possibly go wrong? I'll give you a hint.. it's shaped like a dodger dog, travels at high velocities and smells like that fat girl from Precious.

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Lesbian Porn Gone Bad

Kylie Ireland flips the fuck out after champaign-laced saliva (uh-huh) breaches her meat cave and causes discomfort. With 15+ years experience in the industry... you could likely slip a Mini Cooper up her twat without her even noticing... and yet somehow a single loogie results in a tapout? Looks like menopause came 20 years early. More HERE.

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Gilf Has Trouble With Anal

41 year old grandmother that A.) has less teeth than a goldfish B.) is about as good at taking cock as Mother Teresa C.) is subjected to one liners like "ya dont need teeth to take my beef" and D.) projects vomit so rank it could be harvested for biowarfare. And yes, I'd hit it. Full vid HERE.

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Gangbang Fail

A dozen black dudes slated to mass pummel a 90 pound Mexiho bring production to a halt after a fight breaks out on set. Unfortunately the camera is pointed down for much of the action, so in place of flying fists we see the donkey dicks of numerous men - many of whom continue to fap as they spectate.. which I find fucking hilarious. More HERE.

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