Mom Sexually Trollz Step-Son

This crazy whore hid a camera to flash her step son "accidentally" and make him all uncomfortable and weird during family movie night with his dad. I have two questions, first WTF IS WRONG WITH HER? and second, WHY COULDN'T SHE OF BEEN MY STEP MOM?! FUCK!

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Get Bent

His penis looks like a rotten banana. Could probably double as a personal coat hanger if enough viagra was involved. So does any of this slow him whenever he feels like getting his dick wet? Apparently not. Must be the personality.

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The Art Of Male Stripping

No more vids for a few days. This shit took all week to edit and now I've got a date with my neighbors cleaning lady. She's 18, dont hate. Already got advance tickets to Harry Potter 7. IMAX. Ultimate panty dropper.

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Storytime With A Crackwhore

Slut junkie reminisces about her previous employer - some Screech-looking motherfucker that literally blew a $100,000 inheritance entirely on prostitutes hired for nothing more than to eat Taco Bell and deficate on his face. In other words.. dude's a legend. Full video available HERE

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Endless Orgasm Causes Brain Damage

Using some sort of futuristic device stolen off the set of Stargate SG-1, this woman's clitoris is vibrated into an orgasmic oblivion. Imagine if the lead characters of both The Exorcist and I Am Sam were delicately molded into one - this woman is what you'd get. More HERE!

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Good Things, Small Packages

This is Moonlight Godess of Gimps Gone Wild - a website dedicated to the sexual liberation of... gimps. Their word, not mine. She rarely talks dirty, so consider yourself privileged. You also get a peek at her bite size cooter. SCORE.

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Epic Naked Man

epic naked man is epic.

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College Class On Fisting

Crash course on how to effectively turn your lady friend's choco taco into a permanently gaping meat cave, as illustrated by that sassy bitch from Seinfield. Invaluable information really. More educational pr0n vids by the same people available HERE. All for free!

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Balls Deep or GTFO

Buck Williams graciously gives the neighborhood tramp a second chance at riding his 12 inch chewbaca dong. Either her twat eats up every centimeter of his beefy balgonie or the bitch gets 86'ed for life and is replaced by a mythical broad named Jenneifer. Yeeeeep.

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Bad Aim

German dude gets blasted in the face by a fat wad of his own man sauce and nearly pukes all over himself. I guess this kinda invalidates that saying "everyone loves their own brand" haha.

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This is called small penis overcompensation. It happens when those dudes with 3.5 inchers become frustrated by their partners lack of enthusiasm. So they pump harder, faster and deeper but often to no avail. Eventually the chump reaches a breaking point. Somewhere in between the 4th and 7th yawn. Funny shit.

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He Cums Battery Acid

This is classic. The last ho-bag in this comp literally goes from gagging on a load of rancid jizz to asking for tips on what to steal at the local Pepboys. Apparently the Purple Power degreaser she jacked last week isnt the hot ticket item she thought it out to be. LOL. Hundreds of more epic crackwhore videos HERE - all by the same guy.

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Figging Gone Wrong

Figging is when you insert a piece of ginger root into your anus. It's for those special type of people that like to relive that feeling you get directly after shitting out bad Thai food. Yep, fun stuff but what happens when it gets stuck up your ass? Today you find out. More of that blonde HERE.

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