Beat Up for Hiding Camera

This chick could be a feminist hero! She doesn't fuck around when she finds the camera. First, she calls him out. Second, she beats him up to let him know who the real bitch is. Third, it ended up on efukt. PWNT!

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Goober Crashes Bukkake Party

Bukkake is pretty straight forward. Aim for the face and let the protein shake rip. Easy peasy, unless of course you're a 300 pound ginger named Corn. 40 attempts and the best this gluten can do is make a wet spot in the corner. Fucking hilarious. More epic bukkake bloopers HERE.

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Dude Upstages Everyone @ Gangbang

One man does in 30 seconds what 7 men couldnt do in 2 hours. His secret weapon? Jackrabbit-esque fucking. Lightening fast and kidney deep. Check the 1 minute mark. Her trembling lips and deer-in-headlights facial expression say it all. Ya did good kid.. Full video HERE.

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HARDER! Or I Cant Cum!

Classic scene from Heavy Handfuls 2 featuring Loni, a cock starved Filipino that's literally incapable of climaxing without full on r@pe simulation. She tries explaining but is ultimately cutoff by her costar who rather chat about his love for rimjobs. Cute. Full vid available HERE.

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Anal Orgasms DO Exist

No stimulation of the clit. No vibrator in the pussy hole. This is a woman that can legitimately cum her brains out from nothing more than a good ol' ass pounding. God bless. DOWNLOAD THE FULL VIDEO HERE.

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How To Fuck Like White Trash

Early model Dodge Caravan and intermediate family member not required. Just find yourself an open stretch of highway, enable cruise control, have the female shimmy on over and let the greasing of your piston begin.

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Hooker Accidentally Craps Herself

CHAIN REACTION: she gives a shitty blowjob > he retaliates by ejaculating in her mouth, (big no-no) > unexpected putrid jizz causes her to gag uncontrollably > heavy coughing puts pressure on already loose anus > splat, a Hershey Kiss is born. Similar videos HERE and HERE.

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Black Assholes Cause An Early Retirement

I dont know whats worse. Her having to swallow the seed of 80+ borderline homeless scumbags, or the fact that it's physicially impossible for Jamal n' Co to go more than 5 seconds without saying something ending in "stupid bitch". MORE BUKKAKE BLOOPERS HERE.

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Crazy Squealing Orgasm

This girl is a total nymph. Bang her extra deep and you'll be rewarded with a sound you'd normally only hear in a fucked up Peta video. Hot shit. Now about this vid - it's from a site called Watch Us Fuck, created by a duo that's been documenting their own sex life since age 18. Go HERE.

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The Dangers Of CBT

CBT - it's generally the next step up for closet homosexuals that require more stimulation than what being fucked in the ass with a palm tree has to offer. I dont normally allow this type of material, but it's hard to say no to a video that features darwinism so prominently. Live & learn goober.

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Ukrainian Girl Got Talent

This is Hot Kinky Jo - aspiring internet model equipped with a bazooka for an asshole. Catch one of her nightly cam shows and you'll see what I mean. She's capable of gaping open her turd cutter so wide you can spot what she ate for breakfast. It's enthralling. Check her profile HERE.

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Poor blonde gets ravaged by an ex-convict turned WWF fanboy with a diet consisting soley of Viagra and Dianabol. But apparently her vagina is built Ford Tough, because despite his unforgiving fury... this chick actually walks away with a smile on her face. Amazing. Full video HERE.

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Pornstar Loses Her Shit

Ariana Jollee gets a tad bit emo on the set of Neo Pornographia 2 after recieving a bitchslap 'one million times harder' that what she was expecting. This quote sums it up pretty well: "this is sex, this isnt fucking beating people". I think she's on to something here. Full video HERE.

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