"The Trolling Of Wannabe Pornstars II"

The Romeo of talking shit is finally back, verbally defecating on the egos of every tramp that crosses his path. [Parts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ] . Download the full versions of all clips HERE and HERE.

  3,888,893  |    12.21.11 |     |    LULZ

Long Lips Rectal Control Fail Priceless O-Face Genius Straps Go-Pro to his Head
Passion of the Painal Cute Face, Ugly Vagina Dude That's My Mom's Friend! American History XXX
The Prune Brothers Smegma Makes Her Gag Frat Boys Troll 3 Pornstars Into Quitting OOPS! I Accidentally Sodomized You!
I Haz a Breakdown The Absurdity Of Japanese Pornography 2 Suicidal Butt Sex Girl Faces Of Bukkake