Thriving On Orifice Destruction

Bad news is that I am not a minotaur with two cocks, so there's no chance of me pleasing this girl sexually. But the good news is she could always sneak things into concerts for me or I could rent her to the cartels as a drug mule.

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The Worst O-Face You'll Ever See

Shit lady, as much as I loved you in the finale of Army of Darkness, I really think I could've lived without seeing you get fucked cross eyed by Oscar De La Hoya. This shit nearly left my cock inverted. Full video available HERE.

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YIKES! Wigger Has Crazy Breakdown!

Poor chick. Freshly brainwashed by a 24 hour marathon of Pimp My Ride, she actually thought getting anally gangbanged by Jamal, Jamal, Jamal and Donatello would be fun. Thanks be to hemorrhoids, the reality check comes with the quickness. Download the full video HERE.

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He Hates Crackwhores

Full video HERE. (deleted, apparently he didn't like the attention).

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The 24 Year Old FEMALE Virgin

KEY POINTS: she has not and will not fuck - (gypsy's orders), crotch shots are strictly prohbited and vibrators... well, those are as foreign to her as a condom in a Botswana whorehouse. Filmed by the legendary pioneer of gonzo porn - Ed Powers. Download his full video HERE.

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Not Even A Minute Man

7 inch cock? Check. Syphilis free? Probably. Can make a girl cum? Not a fucking chance. Have yourself a hearty LOL as Jose's porn dreams go down the shitter faster than Steven Segal's music career. Download the full video HERE.

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Asian Stoner Has Epic Ass

She's half Korean, half Mexican. That means she's pro at math and will have around 17 kids by this time next year. Not really. This girl actually just likes to smoke weed and take pictures of her massive ass - both of which are combined today in ways you cant even fathom. OOOOH YEAH.

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Pussy In A Box

This is actually pretty genius. Too bad it was shot in Japan, where the only thing capable of raising eyebrows is Jackie Chan doing a triple somersault directly into Lindsey Lohan's vagina. But it's okay. The lack of reactions is counteracted by a homoerotic remix of some Dr. Dre.

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Goober Finally Loses Bukkake Virginity

Over 40 bukkake shoots and the closest this dude's come to delivering a facial was the time he soiled himself in a dark corner. But today's a game changer. Via the aid of a compassionate fluffer, this orange-haired bastard finally gets a legitimate taste of manhood. Full video HERE.

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10 Men? My Agent Said Only 2!

Sativa Rose nearly shits bricks Quepapas after realizing she's been duped into doing a quasi-bukkake. Havent seen a Mexican get this fiesty since the time i got caught sniffing second-hand chones at the local swapmeet, wearing nothing but jesus sandals. Full video HERE.

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From HOT To CREEPY In 5 Seconds

I once heard a male performer mutter "my grandma gives better head than you, suck me better or i'll pour drano down your cunt". That used to rank pretty high on my personal list of random-as-fuck-porno-dialogue. Then I saw this. Download the full video HERE.

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Brazillian Fucks 600 Men For Nothing!

She took in 596 cocks, ended up with a vagina blacker than Bill Cosby's stinkhole and lost a $50,000 grand prize to some Ukranian POLISH skag. But on a more positive note, she actually looks surprisingly hot when she cries her eyes out. Download the full video HERE.

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This Is Bad... Very Very Bad

I like how she gets a little self conscious towards the end and uses her arm to cover up, effectively sheilding dozens of innocent bystanders from her own monstrosity. Courteous, insecure and 6% Elephant Man. God bless you. Download the full video HERE.

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